I’m Coming Out

The world is not made of shades of grey. It is made of colours like azure and coral and emerald and marigold. But it insists on painting everything in black and white and fitting it into boxes that it understands.’ – Nikita Gill, Colours

I saw this quote this week and it resonated with me. The world has an idea of what people should do, what they should wear and how their lives are supposed to play out.

Life does not always work out the way we wish it would or how society dictates. Not because we haven’t tried, but because there are many variables in life and we cannot control everything.

‘What does this have to do with fashion?’ you ask. Well sometimes we dress in a certain way because we are afraid of what others might say. We are too scared to show our personality through our clothes because others might criticize it or mock it.

I am here to tell you to come out of your fashion closet, to wear the colourful clothes in your closet and to express who you are through your clothes. Life is too short to wear boring clothes and you might not get another opportunity to wear those green shoes, that faux fur jacket or your pink boots (yes, I have pink boots which I will feature soon).

In this post I am wearing a warm hooded burgundy coat. I feel like burgundy is my spirit colour (like a spirit animal). It is deep, bold, visually empowering, intense and it goes well with my skin tone. I think that it gives me a bit of a glow.

I hope that you will feel empowered to find your spirit colour and to step out of your fashion closet with confidence. I have no doubt that you will look fabulous.

Meg  xoxo