This Season’s Hottest Colours

As you all know I have lots of different colours in my closet (sorry to disappoint, but I do not have a capsule wardrobe, I have tried though).


This season there are lots of colours that are must-haves in your closet, even if it is a capsule wardrobe. I am going to share with you this season’s hottest hues. If you do not like wearing too much colour you should experiment with colourful accessories like a pretty scarf or earrings.


I am so excited to see this colour have the moment in fashion that it deserves. I have a few items in this colour that I have had for a few years, but couldn’t get rid of just because I love the colour so much. I plan on restyling them all over again this season and I am not mad about it!

  1. Yellow knot detail dress; 2. Shift dress; 3. Ankle boot; 4. Scarf; 5.underwear; 6.cardigan (sold out) similar here


This subtle colour, I predict, will replace millennial pink. It is feminine and soft and can somehow still make you own the room.

1. Round neck argyle; 2. Tassle earrings; 3. Sweatshirt; 4. Skinny jeans; 5.Ruffle pullover



Someone told me that only bold people wear red. Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like a red outfit and who does not want to make to an entrance like that?

1. Tailored Blazer; 2. Bardot top; 3. Colour block clutch; 4. Miniskirt; 5.Ankle length fishnet stockings; 6. Wrap dress

Happy shopping. Let me know what your favourite colours are this season.

Megan xoxo