High Tea at the One and Only Cape Town

I have been enjoying winter more than I usually have in the past. Something about the moody weather has given me a sense of serenity that I usually only experience on balmy nights. I am hopeful that it will last.

Its was with this serenity and excitement that I decided to do something fun! Last weekend Kay and I treated ourselves to high tea at the One and Only Hotel on the Waterfront, which was simply divine. I thought I would do a quick review and share some of pretty pics we took.

The hotel itself was warm and inviting, even though its really big. It was rainy and cold outside but it was super cosy inside. The cost of the high tea (R320pp) includes a stand with savoury snacks, bottomless hot drinks (yay!) and what felt like an endless variety of sweet treats.

The savoury stand included finger sandwiches (as one would expect at a high tea) mini quiches, the cutest little chicken pies and my favourite, salmon on sweet corn bread. Well, it tasted like sweet corn bread to me.

The bottomless hot drinks included, hot chocolate, different coffees and teas. I realised how happy I was with this when I ordered my third cappuccino. Don’t judge me, I like coffee, no, I like good coffee!

The sweets table included everything I love from moist chocolate cake (yes moist, ain’t nobody got time for dry cake!) nougat, cheese cake, macaroons, toffee, the chewiest chocolate cookies (the yummiest!) and lots more. Well just look below!

There was something for everyone and catered to a lot of different tastes. Kay liked the cheesecake, nougat and toffee, whereas I had every chocolatey treat that I could fit into my body.

I plan on going back for everything else that my body did not have the capacity for.

One of my highlights was the live music. I tried to get a good clip but my phone failed me – no storage, story of my life!

We arrived at 2pm and high tea’ed ourselves into a coma and left at about 5pm. The place was still vibey at that point and would have been fun to stay at, as the patrons were quite jovial and the live music was vibey but chilled enough to suit the mood of the afternoon.

All in all, it was a lovely winter afternoon in the Cape, and I left the One and Only feeling satisfied.

Megan xo

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