My Favourite Wine Pairings in the Cape Winelands

We haven’t uploaded a blog post in a while because life get’s crazy, we are not a full-time bloggers and have a 9-5 jobs apart from this. We still want to share our favourite past times, clothing and personal thoughts.

I have wanted to do this post for the longest time because I love wine-pairings/wine tasting. It is one of my favourite things to do, not only because I enjoy wine, but because the winelands is a lovely place to spend time and unwind. Wine tasting is fun because you get to taste lots of different wines at a small cost, you get to learn about the different types of grapes, and you get to train you palate – if that’s something that you are into, which I am!

This is fun to to do in summer or winter, with friends, without friends, good company, bad company… if the company is bad at the start of the tasting it will be good at the end 🙂


Below I will provide a short review of my top 5 wine pairings in the Cape Winelands.

  1. Neethlingshof Flash Food and Slow Wine Pairing

Wine: I had not had Neethlingshof before this tasting and let me tell you, the wine is delicious! The Pinotage is my favourite (side note: pinotage is a South African cultivar. You’re welcome).

Pairing: The wine is paired with bite sized snacks consisting of mini burgers and kebabs that tastes like its been prepared with love. Don’t be fooled by the name ‘Flash food’, it’s  not meant to fill you up.

Winefarm: The winefarm has lots of beautiful views and in winter the tasting room has a little fire going which makes it the coziest place!

Cost: R120 and totally worth it.

In addition, food is served in the Tasting room, if you wish to stay a while.

2. Brennaissance Wine and Pizza Pairing

Wine: I’ll be honest I did not enjoy their wine, it was just not to my taste.

Pairing: The wine is paired with some of the best pizza I have ever had. It had a thin, crunchy base, the way I like it. The slices are quite big and in total could add up to a full pizza per tasting

Wine farm: Brennaissance is breathtaking, with lots of instagrammable corners. I could spend a lazy afternoon there taking it all in.

I would definitely return with friends to have lunch.

Cost: R180

3. Delheim Cupcake and Wine Pairing

Wine: Divine! I enjoyed the Delheim Pinotage and Delheim Rose’. Make sure to stock up when you’re there!

Pairing: The wine was paired with cupcakes which really brought out the flavours of the wine. In fact, I felt like this pairing really did the wine justice, as the cupcake flavours complimented the flavours of the wine perfectly.

Wine farm: the Tastingroom looks like a cellar and added to the experience.

Cost: R120

4. Wellington Wines Donut and Wine pairing

Wine: The Chenin Blanc was delightfully and fruity and definitely one of my favourites. My friends and I actually enjoyed the Wellington Wine Frizzante that we received as an arrival drink and ended up buy quite a few bottles. Its a  easy to drink, fruity kinda wine. I think I still have a bottle in my wine rack.

Pairing: The wine is paired with donuts. The donuts tasted like they were a day old, and were definitely not fresh, but looked pretty.

Wine farm: There was a big kiddies park and that hosts kiddies parties… maybe that interests you.

Cost: R70

5. Eikendal Wine and Cheesecake pairing

Wine: I only tasted the white wines and the Janina Unwooded Chardonnay is what I like.

Pairing: The cheesecake is really good, and the wine is good – a match made in heaven! It really is a wonderful concept.

Wine farm: Well I ended up staying the entire afternoon, and had a relaxing time with some old friends and a new friend, Janina, she’s lovely, you should meet her.

Cost: R80

I hope this has inspired you to do a wine pairing or two. Don’t forget to invite me along!

Megan xoxo

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